Meet the support staff






Phone 941.308.5700 or 877-627-7637
Fax 941.308.5757


Practice Administrator: Beth Buckley
Controller: Richa Manus

Medical Billing and Insurance
Account Representatives: Candice, Elisabeth, Jenny, Trae
Authorization and Verification: Teri

Clinical Department
  Brett Griffin, P.A.  
    Physician Assistant for Dr. Fine
  Josh Norman, P.A.
    Physician Assistant for Dr. Glasser
  Jared deStackelberg, P.A.
    Physician Assistant for Dr. Knego
  Donna Polito, P.A.
    Physician Assistant for Dr. Mayer
  Debi, Certified Medical Assistant
  Megan, R.M.A.
  Cynthia, C.M.A.
Surgery Scheduling
Dr. Mayer, Dr. Fine: Bonnie
Dr. Knego, Dr. Glasser: Dina

New Patient Appointments, Consultations, Follow-ups
Dr. Mayer, Dr. Fine: Nathalie
Dr. Knego, Dr. Glasser: Heidi
Dr. Vives: Heather K

Patient Check Out: Meghan M

Medical Records: Anne, Audrey
Film Intake: Vicki
Transcription: Lisa

Front Desk: Nancy

Switchboard Operator: Alex


Each staff member of the NASS team is committed to providing   
patients with the very best of care and respect.  
From scheduling to insurance to treatment -- we put the patient first.